Sunday, May 28, 2006
Koon Seng Road

History of Koon Seng Rd

Formerly known as Lorong East Coast Road, this road was renamed in 1934 after Cheong Koon Seng, auctioneer and an estate agent. Elder son of Cheong Ah Bee, wealthy first generation straits-born merchants from melaka.

The two rows of pre-war terrace houses along Koon Seng Road display some of the finest examples of Peranakan architecture in Singapore and exceptionally ornate.Most oustanding features the late style (1900 -1940) shophouse in the narrow yet decorative embellished font facade which belies the depth and spaciousness of the residence. In Malacca,birthplace of Peranakan culture, the Dutch calculated housing tax based on the building's width.This resulted in long narrow houses with courtyard and air wells for better ventilation and lightings. This architectural style was exported to Singapore.

The external walls are decoarted with Chinese couplets of good fortune, health and happiness adorning the openings which are similiar to the traditional residences in China. Fine ceramic tiles featuring flora or geometrical designs were imported from France, England and Belgium and applied on the external walls. Western architectural influnces can also be seen in the designs of the windows and the pillars.The various motifs applied on the facades are device from mytical figures. flowers and birds often act as accompainments to the splendid relief decoration.Featuring Chinese motifs of deer, dragons and dogs which are symbols of good fortune and long live. This decorations reflected the wealth and status of the owners or tentants.

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