Monday, May 29, 2006


Famous for the mouth-watering laksa, tourists can never resist to leave this place without having a bowlful of its laksa.Yummy!Its hard to trace its origin.Nyonya laksa is believed to have originated from the Malaccan, straits-born Chinese basically known the Peranakan. Peranakan cuisine tends to contain many of the traditional ingredients of Chinese food and Malay spices and herbs.
Nonya laksa is based on lemak or coconut milk. It is very creamy and has a strong base of lemongrass. Traditional nonya laksa is accompanied by an egg, prawns and bean sprouts with some laksa leaves. Tasty right? You are guarenteed never to regret if you try this delicious delicacy.

Posted by koon seng/joo chiat at 10:36 PM